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About Play'N Learn With Mom

Unable to find a high-quality children's program to take her daughter to, Launnie thought "well then I will just have to start one of my own". And so Play 'N Learn with Mom was established in 1983.

Based on her experience with her own children, Launnie knew how important structure and routine were as the foundations of learning, and it is on these principles that she based her own program. Each week at Launnie's, the room setup, program outline, and activity choices remain consistent. Launnie believes that the more children are exposed to a familiar and friendly environment, the more comfortable they will become in it, and in turn, the more they will be able to learn from it each week.

What We Do

Play ‘n Learn with mom is a parent/family class that offers arts & crafts, playtime, songs, snacktime, and gymtime for children aged 18 months to 2 ½ years.

While Play 'N Learn with Mom does provide children the opportunity to interact socially, based on the ages of the children welcome at Launnies, her programs' core values are centered around encouraging individual growth and development in your child. From week to week you will see your child's individual motor and cognitive skills increase, and their independence and self-confidence flourish. Play 'N Learn with Mom also provides an important time in which to nurture the bond between your child and the parent/family member with whom they attend. Other skills that are developed throughout the program include social etiquette, discipline, and confidence.

Graduates of Play 'N Learn with Mom make the transition to nursery school with ease.  Launnie is proud of her many graduates, and knows the fundamental skills they have learned throughout her program will benefit them their entire lives.
Play 'N Learn with mom is above all a program that you and your child will have fun at together and look forward to coming too!

Many dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles have also enjoyed this unique experience over the years. They comment that “it’s the best time ever!”

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